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Cheetah Mobile security report for the first half of 2014

The main events of the last 6 months:1. The number of Android viruses continues to rise sharply; roughly one in ten apps are now fully or partially malware.2. P

Data deleted from your phone can still be recovered!

We all have our secrets to keep, and we all like our privacy. If you're selling the old device on, or even just throwing it in the trash, you want to make sure that the next person who gets their hands on the phone doesn't get any juicy files along with

This malware can call anybody without your permission!

A serious vulnerability has been found in the Android OS. This vulnerability allows malware to initiate or end a call without first gaining the permission of the user, and also enables the malware to send USSD/SS/MMI codes to a predetermined number.

Cheetah Mobile June Security Report: Increase in Mobile Banking and Payment Malware

Mobile payment became hackers’ new target. CM Security sums the viruses’ features and the hottest mobile security news in June for you.

100,000 users lose their bank passwords to fake banking apps!

Posted on June 25 2014 07:08 PSTThe CM Security Research Lab is closely monitoring the proliferation of malware which is infecting Korean Android users at a rap


[2014.6.20, 8:00 PST發佈]日前曾肆虐一時的宅急便病毒,近期出現了各式各樣的新型變種簡訊!主要是透過各種引人注目的文字內容,例如「來下載上次聚會的照片」、冒充「新北市政

Don't give your money to hackers, protect yourself against SimpleLocker

Posted on June 19 2014 05:08 PST<pic>In May, the famous CryptoLocker malware made the significant leap from PCs to the Android platform. This virus is a trojan

Malware found pre-installed on Chinese copycat phones

Posted on June 18 2014 06:20 PSTA popular Chinese smartphone model has been exposed for having malware pre-installed directly onto the operating system.The Star

New wave of malware targets World Cup fever

If you're using your phone to track the World Cup news, make sure you're not getting scammed. The CM Security Research Lab has noticed many new trojans targeting football watchers.


豹移動(Cheetah Mobile)很驕傲的宣布旗下的三個知名應用軟體 - Clean Master和CM Security以及手機毒霸(僅發布於中國市場),再次通過AV-Test測試被評選為『移動安全』類排名第一的寶座。

Cheetah Mobile secure AV-TEST's top spot for the fifth time

Clean Master and CM Security once gain receive commendations in the field of mobile security

제거하기 어려운 트로이 목마 바이러스는 어떻게 하나요?

새롭게 발견된 Stubborn Trojan 바이러스는 사용자의 기기 손상의 위험 뿐만 아니라 개인정보 유출로 인해 비용을 부담하게 할 수 있습니다.

Остерегайтесь трудно удалимых троянов

Новый класс stubborn trojans стойких к удалению повреждают устройство и тратят Ваши денежные средства

Beware of difficult to remove trojans

New class of stubborn trojans resist removal while damaging your device and costing you money

Noticias Calientes de Seguridad de Mayo provenientes de CM Security

¿Ha estado demasiado ocupado leyendo sobre el robo de datos de eBay? ¡Entonces venga y póngase al día con el resumen mensual de CM Security sobre noticias de seguridad móvil!

Горячие новости о безопасности мобильных устройств за май от CM Security

Слишком заняты в этом месяце, чтобы узнать подробности о краже данных eBay? Прочитате наш ежемесячный доклад о безопасности мобильных устройств!

[CM資安觀察月報] 五月重大資安事件

五月份是宅急便病毒、Google服務病毒、手機遊戲病毒肆虐的高峰,過去一個月內,全臺遭受病毒感染的Android手機已經高達2萬臺! 想知道更多嗎? 請點我!

May's hot security news from CM Security

Too busy this month to read about eBay's data theft? Then come and catch up with CM Security's monthly digest of all mobile security news!

Leaks to be aware of

This week, a number of large sites all had to announce that they have leaked the passwords of their users. If you had an account at any of these sites, you must go and change them as soon as possible.

Entdeckte ElasticSearch-Schwachstelle ist ein weiterer Schlag für Open Source

Entdeckte ElasticSearch-Schwachstelle ist ein weiterer Schlag für Open Source

eBay loses account info for up to 145 million users

Users advised to change their passwords immediately

Another blow to open source as ElasticSearch flaw is found

Vulnerability gives unfettered server access to hackers

Browser flaw allows for Data: attacks

Flaw prominent in Chrome, Firefox and more

小心! 給您的快遞不一定是驚喜


Always be wary of unexpected links

New malware uses classic tactics
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