Cheetah Mobile (NYSE:CMCM) was created on October 2010 from a merger between Kingsoft Security and Conew Image. Combining Kingsoft's 16 years of security technology expertise with Conew's innovations in the mobile internet space, Cheetah Mobile takes pride in providing faster, simpler and safer mobile internet experience for users worldwide.

Today the company is a leading mobile application developer, the #2 largest internet and mobile security corporation in China and the #3 global non-gaming developer on Google Play. By the end of December 2015, Cheetah Mobile's apps have been downloaded over 2.3 billion times worldwide and mobile Monthly Active Users have exceeded 634 million.

Cheetah Mobile’s core products are available on the three major platforms of Windows, iOS and Android. Our main products include Clean Master, CM Security, Piano Tiles, CM Launcher, PhotoGrid, Battery Doctor, CM Locker, and more. We also provide various platform products such as Duba Anti-virus,, CM Browser, Game Center and Mobile App Store, providing multiple user traffic entry points and global content distribution channels for our business partners around the world.

In June 2015, Cheetah Mobile has launched China's very first global mobile advertising platform, Cheetah Ad Platform. This has marked an important step for Cheetah Mobile in the path of becoming one of the leading global mobile advertising platforms.

Cheetah Mobile’s gaming app Piano Tiles 2 was awarded Google Play's Best Game 2015. As of February 2016, Piano Tiles 2 is ranked the #1 most downloaded game on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play in major markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and more. Piano Tiles 2 is also the #1 most downloaded app on Apple’s App Store in 117 countries' overall ranking, 146 countries' Games ranking, 148 countries' Arcade (Games) ranking, and 155 countries' Music (Games) ranking.

Cheetah Mobile has also invested in the music-based social networking app In February 2016, the app was ranked #1 in Google Play’s Media & Video category in the U.S. by number of downloads.