Product Introduction of Clean Master for PC

Sep 25, 2014 · By Cheetah Mobile

Clean Master for PC, is a new masterpiece from the NYSE listed company Cheetah Mobile. With 280 million monthly active users all over the world in using Android version, it is now landing PC platform and beginning to provide a better service of optimizing and accelerating your computer. What an exciting moment!

With a far-ahead cleaning effect in the field, Clean Master for PC will help you to clean up any junk files generated by media, internet, SNS software, game, registry and Windows system. And not only that, it also does well on visual effects: cool interfaces, gorgeous animation effects, intuitive searching results, excellent cleaning effects, and warming detail services-everything is worthy of you to expect.

Based on the concepts of Fast, Cool, Easy and Efficient, Clean Master for PC is trying to make the function “Junk Files Cleaning-up” perfect. Let’s see what advantages it has:

Fast: Extreme cleaning engine makes junk files disappear in the blink of an eye, and, without any lag.

Scanning and cleaning system junk files is often bad for the disk and disturb the regular work of your computer. But differently, with the perfect engine, Clean Master for PC can reach a faster processing speed when searching and cleaning up junk files, and at the same time can reduce the burden of the system. Unwittingly, your computer is lighter.

Cool: Instead of traditional process bar, cool animation makes “junk files cleaning-up” become a perfect experience. Color-changing brings you a new feeling of boring process of searching and cleaning.

It is worth mentioned that, a dynamic design and the popular flat elements are merged in the interface of the Clean Master for PC, which make the whole software fancier. When searching and cleaning, colors of the interface will change under the size of the junk file. The dynamic page of the cleaning process will become simpler and cooler.

Easy: Instead of tedious junk file list, the software icon is shown in a clearer way.

Actually, you rarely know what kind of so-called “junk files” are cleaned up. Now, Clean Master for PC will show you all the places and the spaces of being cleaned. You can know more details of your computer.

Efficient: Clean Master for PC will help you to find every tiny junk file. Almost 2GB junk files will disappear from your computer every day!

With more and more software installed, Clean Master for PC is able to find every junk file in each software and clean them up together. According to the test, every user will clean up 2GB junk files every day. All of these junk files are the culprit of making your computer slower and slower. With Clean Master for PC, and a good habit of cleaning computer, you will have a happier life of working, entertaining and studying!

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