Cheetah Mobile secure AV-TEST's top spot for the fifth time

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Posted on June 11 2014 03:27 PST


Today, Cheetah Mobile are proud to announce that our three flagship apps - Clean Master, CM Security, and Kingsoft Mobile Security (China-only) - have had the honor of once again being awarded the #1 spot in the mobile security field by AV-TEST. You can download our apps for free at Google Play.


CM Security at Google Play


Clean Master at Google Play

AV-TEST are an independent security lab based in Germany who analyse various forms of cyber security. Every quarter, they assess the current state of the mobile security industry, and assess the various apps on the market for how well they can clean and detect viruses, and how user-friendly they are.

For the fourth time in a row, and the fifth time overall, both Clean Master and CM Security received perfect marks in both categories. This includes a 100% detection rate, 0% false positive rate, and exemplary performance in areas including power usage, CPU usage, and data usage. This stellar record is the best of any security company worldwide, and cements Cheetah Mobile as the leading company fighting the good fight in the realm of cyber security. 

We here at Cheetah Mobile and the CM Security Research Lab are ecstatic over this achievement, and it will motivate us to continue creating world-class products that keep our users safe and happy.

AV-TEST have full reports available for both Clean Master and CM Security.


Going into June, we've seen hackers become hyperactive. The hot security events in May that we talked about in detail here have not yet completely abated. If you have not changed the password of your eBay account, you are still in danger.

We're also still seeing fake messages telling users that they have a package delivery that needs to be signed for, but at the end of the trail is just malware. Sometimes there are slight variations in the formula, but all are designed to lure you into eventually downloading a trojan.

In the last week, stubborn trojans have been disturbing users too. Up to this point, we've seen 230,000 people infected by trojans, making them the #1 threat of June so far. Cheetah Mobile products have been protecting our users an average of 330 times per day from these trojans, and the number of viruss samples we've collected has increased by 30% so far this month. 

Remember to pay attention to your mobile security, and install CM Security for total protection and early notification  of major security events.

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