Battery doctor can extend the standby time of your phone. Over 100 million Android users have found the benefits of its intelligent power saving, accurate power remaining forecasting, and professional charging capabilities.

Double Battery Life

Seriously! You can really save power and significantly extend battery life using this app. Battery Doctor has a variety of features and battery tips that will ensure you can always get the most out of your device.

3 Stage Charging

Our app does much more than just monitor your battery. Battery Doctor has a unique 3 stage charging system that regulates electric flow to ensure that your device charges quickly and fully.

Fast Charge
Continuous Charge
Trickle Charge

Battery Optimizer

Batteries lose their power when extra apps and hardware are running needlessly. Battery Doctor can shut down background apps, dim the screen and shut down unused functions like bluetooth. This will significantly improve your battery life and boost performance.

Power Management Tips

Battery Doctor lets you easily see how much power your apps are consuming, and accurately forecasts how long your battery could last with different features turned on or off. Additionally, it keeps your battery healthy by notifying you when you should start and stop charging.<br />Check out the Battery Doctor page for more details on the app, and visit our blog to learn more about power management.