Catch Intruders

The essential modern security feature

Auto-snap intruders after they enter an incorrect password 3 times, you no longer need to worry about getting snooped on.If your phone is stolen, we'll email you the selfie of the thief who tried to unlock your phone.
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Failed 3 times

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Important Notification Reminders

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    Never miss important messages
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    Read the whole content
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    Slide right to open notification apps

Music Control

Enjoy music right here right now

Control your music playback with ease. Displays song name, artist, album, album cover, etc.
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Convenient Shortcuts Panel

Save power, access quick tools

  • Save power: close battery draining apps to extend battery life in one tap
  • Quick tools: directly open the camera, flashlight, calculator and more
  • Settings: easily adjust Wi-Fi, volume, brightness, bluetooth, etc
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