Cheetah Mobile Launches Smart Vending Robot Globally

2021-05-12 03:13:28

Fully autonomous, FANBOT proactively approaches target customers using multi-sensor 
biometric technology, achieving 4X sales compared to traditional vending machines

Palo Alto, Calif. — December 16, 2020 — Cheetah Mobile, a global innovator in AI-driven robotic solutions, today announced its intelligent vending robot, FANBOT, to international markets. 

In contrast to traditional vending machines, the FANBOT can autonomously identify and approach potential customers in complex and high-traffic environments, such as shopping malls, retail stores, gyms, cinemas, libraries, hotel lobbies and airport terminals. Through this targeted and proactive customer engagement, FANBOT is proven to achieve sales volume four times that of a traditional vending machine, selling one beverage every 110 seconds. 

Technology Breakthrough 

Through its proprietary multi-sensor fusion environment perception system, the FANBOT uses biometric technology, not facial recognition, to identify potential customers by detecting people's gender, age range and emotions within a 5-meter radius. Once identified, the FANBOT actively approaches the customer to promote products, engage in voice interactions and complete cash-less transactions.  

Combined with the self-developed HDLE navigation system, the FANBOT dynamically reacts to its surroundings, avoiding obstacles instantaneously and ensuring safety at all times. 

The space-optimizing, high-volume design can carry up to 66 different items, including beverages, snacks, stationery, beauty products and clothing. When running low on battery or inventory, the FANBOT automatically returns to the charging dock or restocking point. 

Operating with FANOS 3.0, the FANBOT creates an interactive customer experience and comprehensive sales management platform that includes surveys, performance reports, engagement data and customer feedback so the participating merchants can optimize their sales strategy. 

"FANBOT is our latest milestone in smart retail innovation. It revolutionizes the passive experience of traditional vending machines, where people have to go out of their way to get what they need," said Cheetah Mobile. "FANBOT proactively and autonomously brings the products to the customer, adding convenience to their routine. It also creates value-add and increases efficiency for the business owner."

To date, FANBOTs in China have interacted with people 605,477 times and completed 455,925 transactions, resulting in a 75.3% sales conversion rate. Cheetah Mobile expects that the global launch of the FANBOT will meet the contactless demand worldwide and drive sales for businesses across industries.  

About Cheetah Mobile 

Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) is a global tech company dedicated to internet and AI innovation. Founded in 2010, Cheetah Mobile is among the first Chinese tech companies to enter the overseas markets and has acquired a global user base for its utility products and mobile games. In 2016, the company launched an "All in AI" initiative and established OrionStar, a smart service robot company that creates a new breed of robots integrating AI, software, hardware and application solutions.

As of December 2020, Cheetah Mobile has deployed more than 15,000 AI-driven service robots, which have served over 200 million people and completed more than 6 million voice interactions daily. Cheetah Mobile's robots have been adopted by more than 2,000 organizations and used in over 20 scenarios, including epidemic prevention and control, smart retail and smart public transportation.