ZDNetCoffee bot: OrionStar's 5G robots target service, convenience

2021-05-12 15:45

Robotics and Automation NewsOrionStar showcases Qualcomm-enabled 5G service robots at MWC Shanghai

2021-05-12 15:45

5GradarOrionStar launches three 5G service robots featuring Qualcomm tech

2021-05-12 15:44

IoT World TodayHow IoT Devices Can Enhance the Connected Customer Experience

2021-05-12 15:44

Robotics and Automation NewsCheetah Mobile launches 'smart vending robot'

2021-05-12 15:43

Retail TouchPointsReimagining Shopping Malls Post-COVID

2021-05-12 15:43

Vending Market WatchOn the Move: Smart Vending Robot Dispenses Cold Drinks and Other Products

2021-05-12 15:42

Retail4GrowthCheetah Mobile introduces Fanbot to recognize and approach potential consumers

2021-05-12 15:42

Retail Customer ExperienceChina Based AI provider introduces mobile, self-service robot

2021-05-12 15:41

The SpoonCheetah Mobile's FANBOT is a Vending Machine on Wheels

2021-05-12 15:40

Electronic SpecifierCheetah Mobile launches smart vending robot globally

2021-05-12 15:39

Kiosk MarketplaceChina Based AI provider introduces mobile, self-service robot

2021-05-12 15:39

AI BusinessCheetah Mobile's robot trio looks to enable trade shows in a COVID-safe way

2021-05-12 15:38

Englineering360Robots to take over tasks at both in-person and virtual tradeshows

2021-05-12 15:38

Interesting EngineeringNew Robots Offer COVID-Safe Solutions for Live Events

2021-05-12 14:22

Robotics and Automation NewsCheetah Mobile introduces new robots for trade shows

2021-05-12 14:21

Electronic SpecifierRobotic exhibition solutions to increase engagement at events

2021-05-12 14:21

Chosun Biz[차이나 비즈] 로봇이 내린 드립커피…사람 바리스타보다 나을까?

2021-05-12 14:20

The Straits TimesDemand for service robots set to 'explode' in China in aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic

2021-05-12 14:19

Interesting EngineeringChinese Company Launches Humanoid Barista Robot

2021-05-12 14:19

The SpoonOrionStar Launched a New Coffee Robot in China

2021-05-12 14:18

Restaurant Technology NewsOrionStar Unveils Its Humanoid Robotic Coffee and Tea Master

2021-05-12 14:17

The Robot ReportRobotic Coffee Master from OrionStar and Cheetah Mobile begins serving customers

2021-05-12 14:17

VerdictCheetah Mobile launches robot coffee maker

2021-05-12 14:15

IndustryWeekBeyond Flattening the Curve

2021-05-12 11:45

Robotics and Automation NewsCheetah Mobile's epidemic prevention and control robots keeping busy in China

2021-05-12 11:45

OrionStar Highlights 5G Service Robots at MWC Shanghai 2021 Utilizing Qualcomm Robotics Solutions

2021-05-12 11:15

Cheetah Mobile Launches Smart Vending Robot Globally

2021-05-12 11:13

Cheetah Mobile Introduces Robotic Exhibition Solutions to Increase Engagement at Events

2021-05-12 11:11

OrionStar Launches Humanoid Robotic Coffee Master

2021-05-12 11:08

Cheetah Mobile Deploys 7,000 Shopping Mall Robots Boosting Offline Retail

2021-05-12 11:05

CM VPN Wins iF Design Award in Germany

2019-12-03 20:38

OrionStar Leads MegaFace Million-Scale Face Recognition Challenge

2019-12-03 20:37

Learn Tips to Defend YourSelf from WannaCry, a New Ransomware that creates Havoc Worldwide

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Cheetah Mobile and Antiy Lab Disclose Operation Manul Spyware on Android

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Protect your Phone with Security Master

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Security Master Review: A Complete Security Suite For Android

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New Ultimate AI Accessory: CM Translator Is Changing The Way People Talk To The World

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