Privacy Policy of Clean Master

Welcome to our privacy policy!Thank you for taking the time to read it.
We thank you for trusting our information and we will always maintain this trust. The first step is to make sure you understand the information we collect, the reasons for collecting it, how it is used, and your choice of information. This policy describes our privacy practices in concise language, keeping legal and technical terminology to a minimum.

Please note that the scope of this Privacy Policy is limited to the information and data we collect or receive through the use of the Service. We are not responsible for the actions of third parties or companies, the content of their websites, the use of information or data that you provide them, or any products or services they may provide.

Without some of your information, we may not be able to help you get a great user experience. We may collect information that you generate when you use our app, as well as information from third parties.
The information you provided.
When you use our app, in order to provide you with a better and smoother service, we may need your location, birthday, gender, name and other information. Of course, as an operational service. If you give us feedback on any comments or suggestions, we will also collect information when we interact with you.
Information collected when using our services
When you use our app, we collect information about the features you use, how to use them, how to interact with other users, and the information you use to access our services.
Hardware and software information such as IP address, device ID and type, device specific and application settings and features, application crashes with cookie-related identifiers or other technologies that can uniquely identify your device or browser.

We hope that any information you collect can be used in one of the following ways:
Personalize your app based on the information you provide to better meet your needs;
We will continue to work hard to further improve our products based on the information and feedback received;
Your information helps us respond more effectively to your customer service requests and support needs;
We will not sell, exchange, transfer or provide your information to any other company or individual for any reason (public or private) without your consent, unless required by law.
Our collection of information is constantly improving our application and providing you with a new experience. As part of this task, we use your personal information for the following purposes:
(a) Provide our services. We use the information you submit and the information that is automatically processed to provide you with all requested services.
(b) Prevent fraud and spam enforcement. We really want our apps to be protected from spam and fraudulent content, making you feel safe and free. We may use your information to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, security breaches, possible bans or illegal activities, protect our trademarks and enforce our Terms of Use.

We are committed to keeping your information confidential. Except as otherwise provided in this policy and laws, our suppliers or partners share your information. Our suppliers and partners are collectively referred to as “third parties”. Before working with a third party, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to test third-party security features, assess the legal necessity of collecting information, and sign a confidentiality agreement with a third party to technically monitor their query behavior and comply with these Laws, regulations and conventions in the confidentiality and security measures agreement. If a violation of the agreement is found, effective measures will be taken or even the cooperation will be terminated:
1) With your consent, share your information with third parties.
2) We will use your personal and property safety or legal rights in a reasonable and necessary manner in order to comply with applicable laws, regulations and rules, safeguard social and public interests, or protect other users of ours.
3) If you authorize the third party to inquire and collect your information, we will share your information with third parties within the scope permitted by laws and regulations and within the scope of your authorization to third parties.
4) If you need to provide your personal information, we may disclose your personal information in accordance with the types of personal information and disclosure required by law, regulations, mandatory administrative enforcement or judicial requirements. Subject to laws and regulations, when we receive the above disclosure request, we will request the corresponding legal documents, such as a subpoena or investigation letter. We firmly believe that, to the extent permitted by law, we should provide the information we need to provide as transparently as possible. We carefully reviewed all requests to ensure they have a legal basis and are limited to data that law enforcement has legal rights for specific investigation purposes.

You may be entitled to request that we provide a copy of your personal information in accordance with the laws of certain countries; correct, delete or limit (stop effective) processing of your personal information; and obtain your offer in a structured, machine-readable format. Give us a contract or personal information that you agree to.
In addition, in some cases, you may object to processing your personal information (especially, we do not need to process the information to meet contract or other legal requirements, or we use the information for direct marketing).
These rights may be restricted, for example, if you comply with a request to disclose someone's personal information, or you ask us to remove information that requires us to retain or force us to retain our legal interest (for example, to prevent fraud).

We are concerned about protecting the confidentiality of your information. We provide physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the information we process and maintain. For example, we restrict access to this information to authorized employees who need to know this information in order to operate, develop or improve our application. Please note that although we strive to provide reasonable security for the information we process and maintain, there are no security systems that prevent all potential security breaches. You understand and acknowledge that your risk of submitting any such information via the Internet or posting it on a non-public (restricted or private) page is at your own risk.

As long as you are an active user of our application, we will process and retain most of the personal information we provide. When you are not using it, we will begin to remove certain personal information that we no longer have for commercial reasons. However, after you last interacted with us, we typically retain personal information about your contract and business transactions for seven years.
If we process personal information for marketing purposes or with your consent, we will process such information until you request that we stop and stop for a short period of time (so that we can implement your request). We will also permanently record that you have asked us not to send you direct marketing or to process your information so that we will respect your request in the future.

At the same time, we will reserve the right to constantly update our privacy policy. We will post information on privacy policy changes on this page, so please check it regularly.

If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail at 【】.